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From: John Inmayo
Subject: Exploring Gooding's PointWARNING - This story contains homoerotic content. It depicts sexual
activity between young males. If you are under 18 years old (21 years old
in some places), or if such material offends you or is unlawful where you
live, you should exit the Nifty archive, and certainly should read no
further.While I retain all rights to this story, I post it as a gift. Use it
personally as you will. However it may not be altered, sold or published
for profit without my prior consent. The story is fiction and while based
upon events in my own life it does not reflect actual lingeriemodels young people,
circumstances, or activities. The participants did not follow safe sex
practices because the concept was unknown in that simpler era, long before
AIDS.It was early when the phone rang. I didn't answer even though I was in the
den, where there's an extension. It seemed to me the calls are always for
my mother sexy boy model
or one of my two sisters, so why bother?"John, why didn't you answer?" my mother asked with a note of irritation.
Without waiting for me to respond she added, "It's David asking to speak
with you."David was one of my best friends. We spent a lot of time exploring the
neighborhood, especially every patch that was undeveloped or unkempt enough
for us to imagine it as wilderness. We explored in other ways too, as you
may find in another story (published anonymously) entitled, "Learning to
Take It".After a brief conversation, David and I decided to spend the day exploring
the undeveloped 5 acre tract known as "Gooding's Point." The small tract
was situated on a small point of land along the eastern bank of the
St. John's River. It was wooded, with only one road, but lots of trails.
And the shoreline was littered with the large trunks of fallen oak trees.
So it was possible, both in the woods and along the river, to find enough
solitude and models swiming nude privacy to imagine a great wilderness adventure, or to play
the more intimate games of which David and I were both so fond. In fact it
was here that teen shirt models a few years earlier, when we were both just 9, David
introduced me to dick sucking. In the years since we'd practiced that fine
art together many, many times.I packed a PBJ, a candy bar, two sodas and my Boy Scout canteen in a
daypack, told my mother I'd be home before supper, and headed out the door.
In case you wonder why she let me go for the day without question, you have
to remember that this was the early 60's. We feared Soviets and nukes, but
otherwise considered the world safe, dolls child models so kids our age (about 13) were
allowed some freedom to just be kids.David was already there when I arrived on my bicycle at the one dirt road
that led into Gooding's Point. We hid our bikes in some bushes near the
entrance to the tract, not so much so they wouldn't be stolen as to protect
the secrecy of our exploration."Let's take the south trail," David said, pointing toward one of the main
trails that led near the south boundary of the property."That's cool," I replied. "We can see if there are any blackberries left
along the edge of the thicket, and if we get some we can stop in the oaks
to eat them and plan our attack."With that we headed off through the pines and scrub, skirted the edge of
the thicket, and came upon the blackberry patch. There were still some
ripe berries, even though it was now early July and well past prime berry
time around here. We managed to fill David's cap with berries before
heading back toward the center of the parcel to the oak hammock. The oaks
shaded out the undergrowth so that it was open, shady, and cool under the
trees; almost like a den in the midst of the woods.We snacked on the berries and drank from our canteens, and felt that surely
we were as adventurous as Daniel Boone or Davie Crockett (both played by
Fess Parker, of course...) We laid back and simply enjoyed the quiet, the
dappled light breaking through the canopy of the trees, and the comfort of
each other's company.David broke the silence saying, "I've teen kidmodels got to pee.""So do I", I responded. "Let's pee together."Of course the last part was unnecessary. Pissing together was a regular
part of our adventures. Since we were little kids we'd been watching each
other pee; behind the garage at my house, along the creek (see my story,
"Three Boys at the Creek"), and wherever we thought we could do so without
being seen. In fact, lately we'd found it quite exciting to pee together
when there was some risk we MIGHT be seen!Anyway, peeing together meant looking at each other's dicks. That meant
getting a hard-on. That meant playing together. model teen sexy That meant it was one of
my favorite things to do. Even before we learned to suck each other, our
peeing had become a sex nude saskatchewan models game itself, although we were nearly busted on that
first occasion in David's garage. Today would be no different if I had my
way!We instinctively walked a few feet away from where we'd been sitting. I my
cutoff jeans down to my knees exposing much more than my zipper would have
revealed. As I expected, David understood the meaning and was evidently
thinking along sexual lines as his dick was hard as he too pulled his
shorts down below his dick and balls.David's dick had grown nicely, and he now sported a neat patch of nearly
black hair just above his 6" dick. The rest of his body was a smooth as my
own. As many times as I'd seen David naked, it never failed to excite me.
So I was quickly at my full nearly hairless 5 1/2 inches. Just a few wisps
of brown curls were newly emerged, but I was proud of them and greatly
relieved that puberty has finally begun.As usual, I began to pee first. It took David a little while to get his
piss flowing when he was hard. Although the flow was restricted a bit, and
sometimes stopped and started, I never had a problem peeing with a hard-on.
It was a game, and I enjoyed peeing just a little at a time in order to
prolong the fun. So I let a stream flow; it arced at an upward angle out
of the slit at the end of my upright dick, and splashed at David's feet."Hey, you almost hit me!" he said grinning and giggling."Oh, I'll have to try harder" I laughed. And with that I let another brief
stream out. This one hit right on his high-top keds."You little shit" he shouted, "I'll get you!""Not if you can't pee" I said, nearly rolling in laughter. I grabbed my
dick and aimed this time. The stream hit him right on the belly, just
above his dick. The hot piss ran down through is patch of hair and down
his ball sack.He feigned anger, but his eyes said otherwise as finally he managed to jet
a stream of pee at me. His aim was low and he soaked my pulled-down
shorts. Fair is fair, so I began to pee in earnest now. I aimed a steady
stream at his dick and balls, soaking him. The piss ran off his balls and
down his legs until his shorts were jenna child model soaked too. child models xxx
The warmth of his piss
stream and the naughtiness of our game nearly made me swoon as his pee
stream crossed my own; it teen modeling nymph felt wonderful as it hit my own dick and balls.Finally our bladders were empty. We were both wet from the waist down and
our pants were soaked."Let's strip naked and go down to the river." David suggested."Yeah, we can rinse off in the river, and we can hang our shorts over one
of the trees to dry in the sun.It was a plan. We followed the trail to the river's edge to a spot where
the fallen oaks shielded us from the view of all except passing boats or
residents on the far shore which was nearly a mile away they'd need
good binoculars to see us from there!Our dicks were soft by the time we got to the river and we went about our
business like the good scouts and adventurers we imagined ourselves to be.
We waded into the river, careful not to go so far that we might get caught
in t he current (which really would have likely ended in tragedy.)"Here, let me rinse you off" I offered. I splashed David gently with river
water and rubbed over his body, beginning with his back and shoulder,
working my way down to his butt. I rubbed the smooth skin of his butt
cheeks, but skirted teen modeling nymph
the crack for now and proceeded to rub down the outside
of his legs, then back up the inside until I reached his butt crack.
There, I rubbed as sensually as I could. I gently rubbed the place between
his ass and his balls, and let my finger drift across his puckered
hole. Then I pressed lightly on his tender fanny hole until the end of my
finger entered past the sphincter.After a female model few minutes of careful attention to his fanny David said, "Let me
do your back now." I obliged, turning so that he could do to me the things
I'd done to him. It felt wonderful to have his hands rub softly across my
skin. And when he reached my butt hole well, it was glorious! He was
as gentle with me as I had been with him, but he pressed farther up into my
ass until his whole finger was inside me. David knew how much I love it
when he plays with my asshole, and his attentions were lifting me to new
heights as I stood thigh deep in the cool river, the hot sun on my back,
and his finger up to the hilt in my willing hole.After some minutes of this lustful attention, David eased his finger out of
me a sexy boy model sensation every bit as pleasurable as the initial penetration.
We turned toward each other and without freeware human model speaking took one another's dick in
hand with one hand, and rubbed the other across the soft sensitive skin of
our front sides.David dropped to his knees, which put the water just below navel level on
him, and placed my dick at mouth height. He began to lick me, starting
with my balls and working his way up the underside of my dick until he
reached my dickhead. He took my glans into his mouth and began to suck me
off in earnest. After the piss play and the fingering, it didn't take long
for climax to arrive; every part of my body throbbed with orgasmic delight.Immediately we reversed roles and I began to suck David's beautiful dick.
As I did so, I alternately massaged his balls and worked the base of his
shaft with my right hand as I reached around to his ass with my left. I
returned his favor to me and slowly slipped the index finger genie model 450 of my left
hand deeply into his ass. As I did so I could feel his dick growing harder,
thicker, and hotter in my mouth. Gently, I added my middle finger to the
mix. Now with two fingers in his tender butt hole, David's dick erupted in
my mouth. The familiar taste of his hot semen filled my mouth and I
hungrily swallowed every drop.We walked from the water hand in hand and rested along the trunk of one of
the fallen trees. There we ate our lunch and shared the sodas I'd brought
along. Lying side by side, naked in the sun, filled by our lunch, and
satisfied by our shared orgasms, both of us slipped into a peaceful nap.I awoke some time later to find David softly licking my nipples, with my
dick semi-hard biker models
in teen model sharon
response. David's member was at full attention as he
rubbed kid model agents
it slowly."You made me feel really great earlier," David told me. "Your fingers
inside me took me over the top! Now it's time for payback.""What do you mean?" I asked."It's your turn to come while your models young net ass is full. Let's cornhole!" he
suggested.Of course I was all for it! "Well, I could lean over that branch" I said,
pointing to an enormous oak branch that was parallel to the ground just
waist high."That should work, why don't you get in position and let's see how it
goes."I was fully hard now as I went to the chosen limb, spread my legs wide, and
bent over. David wet his fingers teen shirt models with spit and used them to begin
loosening up my bottom hole. He was gentle and firm at the same time, and
I could feel the muscles of my ass relax to his attentions. I heard him
spit and knew he was lubing his dick. He stood behind me and pressed the
head of his dick against me. I loved the feeling as his dick began to slide
up inside my ass. We'd only done this a few times before, but I'd taken
the dicks of several other friends too, undreage chicken modelpics so I felt only intense pleasure as
he fucked child models xxx
me.He reached around me and again using saliva as a lubricant, began to rub my
dick. Every part of my body felt a part of the sexual experience; my ears
felt horny, my feet were hot with desire, the rush of hormones allowed me
to feel that every cell of my body was connected to the sensitive nerves of
my ass and my dick."I'm gonna cum" David announced. His pace quickened and his thrusting
intensified as he jenna child model neared the end, and all of that increased my own pleasure
so that I felt the fire of orgasm building within. With a grunt, David
shot his load deep into my ass. Leaving his dick at full insertion (and
still at full erection) he pumped my dick quicker and quicker. Although my
orgasm was dry, it was intense. The muscles of my butt clenched with each
throb, squeezing the last drops of cum from David's dick.Spent, he slid his now softening dick from my ass. We washed again in the
river, put on our now dry (though faintly piss-smelling) shorts, and began
the trip home.David and I had enjoyed another adventure. Our parents and siblings would
smirk at the thought that we'd spent the day "exploring" but what
explorations they were! For every time I've cum with David (and there were
many) I've cum a dozen more at the memory.Oh to live those pioneer days again!
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